Who We Are


Our retail location in Orange Beach, AL is currently open 7 days a week with the following hours:

5:00am-    5:30pm


Our mail-order operations are open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Central Time.

J&M Tackle is more than just an online retailer.

We invite you to visit our showroom in Orange Beach, Alabama. Our 27,000 square foot facility includes a fully stocked tackle showroom, clothing sales floor, warehouse, custom rod shop, and cold storage for frozen natural baits. This is the site of J&M Tackle mail order operations, where orders are shipped out every day. Nearly every product shown in our online catalog is available here, and our "open warehouse" allows customers to shop our lure and skirt inventory with ease. In fact, tournament weekend days often see 3,000 customers or more pass through the doors of J&M Tackle.

J&M Tackle offers specialty services during and after the sale.

Offshore fishing requires technical rigging services that are not always available everywhere you shop. J&M Tackle provides the full range of specialty services that our customers demand. We have a fully stocked reel repair department, where we refurbish and perform routine maintenance to most popular reel brands. Our Custom Rod Shop is where our world-famous custom rods are manufactured by hand, one at a time; we also rebuild and refinish existing rods to like-new condition. We offer professional line winding services for all sizes of reels, so that you can be assured your reels are properly packed to the necessary capacity. If you need Bimini Twists tied, wind-ons attached, reels mounted onto unibutts, or Spectra spliced to mono or trolling wire--we can do it all.Custom lure rigging is also a specialty of J&M Tackle's. We carry a huge inventory of lure heads and skirts--the combination possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Before you take your lures to your chosen fishing grounds, we can rig them so they're ready to fish when they leave the store. We also offer re-skirting services for your chewed up favorites. 

J&M Tackle was founded in April of 1988 by brothers John and Mike Giannini. Both brothers have a long standing history with the area being born and raised here. They were born just north of here in a town called Foley. As kids, they would vacation to the beach and fell in love with all that it had to offer. John began building rods in his bedroom for both himself and his friends. His work became both well-known and well-reputed. After several years of rod building, there was a demand for his pieces of functional artwork so he and his brother decided to build a business out of it. They opened the store, in its current location, on Canal Road in Orange Beach. The company slowly grew in size and customer base over the years, and it is now an internationally known sportfishing outfitter. 

Who We Are
J&M Tackle is a family owned and operated business that caters to both local and non-local fisherman(and tourists) from every walk of life. We have a long standing history with locals and visitors as the place to go to fulfill all fishing needs. We have developed a trusting relationship with our local community as a piece of Orange Beach history and iconography.

What We Do
Our goal here is to connect people with our surrounding waters and to be able to take part in all that it has to offer. Any fisherman or outdoor enthusiast is welcome in our store. From those that just want to spend a day or two out of the year on the beach surf fishing with the family, to the professional fishing guide that fishes a couple of hundred times a year, to the biggest sportfishing boats in the Gulf of Mexico competing with each other for a million dollar prize. We have all the tackle and supplies that are needed to have a fun and unforgettable day on the water. This is just part of what we do here at J&M. Our tackle sales specialists are here to answer each and every question that you might have. With our combined decades of experience and passion fishing the adjacent waters, there is just about nothing that we can't help you with.

What We Offer
What we have here at the store is unmatched by other tackle stores for hundreds of miles in any direction. We always carry live bait such as shrimp and minnows. Given the time of year, we offer other live baits as well. We keep in stock all the highest quality tackle that you could possibly need. And then some! Hooks, weights, swivels, fishing line and much much more. We offer countless name brands and brands that you may have never heard of. Rods and reels to suit every style and type of fishing imaginable. We will explain the pros and cons of each rod or reel and show you the best match for whatever you want to catch. Our lure selection also leaves nothing to be desired. It would take a lifetime to be able to fish with all of the lures that we carry. We also have a huge showroom of clothing, shoes, belts and hats to suit any style and fashion. Sticking true to our roots, we still build hundreds of custom rods each year with a fully equipped finishing room and rod building stations. Fuel is also a must to be able to get you to your favorite fishing spot. So we have marine fuel, as well as diesel along with a small convenience section with drinks and snacks. Over the years, we have added on to the building several times to expand into what we are today. At just over 21,000 square feet of retail and warehouse space, we have grown into the most well equipped sportfishing outfitter and tackle store around.

J&M Tackle is so much more than just an online store. We strive to provide every one of our customers with anything and everything to make good memories on the water. Feel free to give us a call or just come in and look around whenever you are in the area. You'll be glad that you did!

Whether you shop with J&M Tackle via mail order, online, or visit us at our physical location, it is our goal to provide you with the latest in fishing gear and services. We aren't satisfied until you are!